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Sixth Cloud

Ask me anything    6th cloud is place where reality and fantasy collide. A place were ordinary gets you vanished and luck is always found by those who prepare for it. Love keeps you here

    Into the bliss is were I wish

    Into the bliss is were I wish I was. My site showed me , a me I’m not ready to acknowledge. The truth turned me into a prisoner and took my freedom. I live under water because the surface and the open sky are a never ending film of a life I was supposed to live but I grew poison that destroyed and consumed the beauty it once presented. The ocean is my sanctuary even though it once was a grave for me to hide my mistakes and my fears. Now I’m buried with them and each day I’m sinking low with no sign of ever raising like a phoenix.

    — 1 year ago
    Blank pages with history

    Blank pages with history unwritten,Memories forgotten. Fear conquered. The pages told a story of the love that used to govern us. The shared vision that we all used to share. That once united us and help us bring peace in this lost world. The pages told a story about courage that we so lack today. It wasn’t about me or you but the community. We lived and loved each other like we are a related. You were my strength and I was yours. I would lay my life down if it benefited the nation. This is a story of our struggle heroes.

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    You are a dark spot on the

    You are a dark spot on the shoreline I can’t see it, but I know you’re smiling and the ocean is trying to swallow you whole but you laugh at me for trying to save you.With waves lapping at your shins.I still can’t see it.But you’re still smiling.You are a dark spot under water.There are shadows pulling you in undertow of regret, pain, and wanting and if you let me I would give you my lungs

    — 1 year ago
    I’m a shadow of a legend. A

    I’m a shadow of a legend. A woman whose voices echoes in the wind. A woman who conquered the world without a sweat. A woman who gracefully forgave and never let her foes change her. A woman who put everyone before her own needs. A woman who loved truly and whole heartedly. A woman who had faith and courage. A woman who spoke hope to those who listened. How I wish I wasn’t a shadow of myself

    — 1 year ago


    The love I have for you

    runs turbulent down my sleeve up to my skull

    to sometimes blur me of how great you can be.

    The sound of your skin

    I have opted to conceal beneath my tongue

    so I can still taste you even when you are away.

    The tone of your speech

    I have wrapped around every gift box

    so I can never forget the wonder of your first word.

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    A Victim of Convenience: Sing me to sleep in the voice that calls the lostlead me to the... →


    Sing me to sleep in the voice that calls the lost
    lead me to the gallows by the hand
    I am choking on the ashes of these bridges never crossed
    Sing one last lullaby, love, for the damned

    Follow me down these hollow, haunted halls
    of doorways that will never send us home
    I have passed like a shadow…

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    The Purpose Of Love


    When I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel, you’re the only person that can remind me. 

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    The Last Land I Stood On


    And my fingers are ships sailing on your skin, slowly drifting and hoping against hope that they fall off the edge of the earth.

    And your heart is nothing but the gravity pulling me towards you.

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    You’ve helped me grow,
    Like rain you’ve risen up
    Through my roots
    To strengthen my shoots
    So I quiver less in the wind.

    You’ve nurtured my branches
    From stubs to blossoms,
    So we reach each other
    In thinking
    And lie sheltered together
    Under a budding tree.

    You’re part of me,
    Water through shoots,
    Like beats of a heart
    And yet I’m nurtured enough
    For the days we’re apart.

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    I write your name
    On A5
    Lined paper
    And kiss and fold it and tuck it,
    Underneath my pillow.

    I’ve not missed a night,
    I’ve finished a notebook
    (200 leaves
    Since you left.)

    I write and kiss and fold and tuck
    To bring you back
    To my dreams

    I’ll try anything
    To bring you back,

    To bring you back to me.

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    I dreamt of a kind of love
    where a hand on my breast
    meant a world of tenderness
    oceans of affection
    deep forests formed
    by thoughtless spontaneous touches
    fingertips connecting
    this world to the next 

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    sweeter than heaven, hotter than hell: kennenlernen →


    I want to know the depths behind his furrowed frown
    Take in his mind, swallow his thoughts, and knowing them, drown.
    And as I take him in, know all the places he’s been
    to live all the lives he has lived, to sin all the sins he has sinned.
    Nightly I memorize his geography with my touch
    to breath…

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    Cold Day


    The cold has gnawed at my toes
    and seeped into my bones.
    I hear the fire you lit inside of me
    let out its wakeful moans.

    The cold have subtle ways love,
    of inflicting agony to the lonely
    and rousing sleeping desire
    I had subdued and coaxed to retire.

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